Sage - Certified Organic 100% Essential Oil

Like most of our culinary herbs, Sage's origins are set in the Mediterranean basin, both wild and also as a garden plant. It has great benefits for the head and brain, it assists quickened senses and memory, helps by providing relief to those suffering from excessive sexual desire, grief, physical overexertion, and insomnia and it has shown to encourage inward focus. Sage oil reduces perspiration, oily skin and hair, and acne, and is said to encourage hair growth. It also treats insect bites, boils, and bacterial skin infections. Sizes: 10ml - 100ml Origin: Salvia officinalis - Spain Extraction Method: Steam SKU: LH5180 Certificate Information - Organic Farmland: Spain Organic Certificate: USDA Certified Organic Authority: ECOCERT Certified Organic 100% Essential Oil