Maureen works with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and through the lifespan including children, youth, couples, adults, seniors and in times of transitional life events (divorce, blended family, pregnancy and childbirth, addictions, pain management, end of life counselling, and grief and loss counselling). Maureen also works with families and couples using empathy and compassion and truly listening to what her clients are saying. She welcomes a collaborative approach to counselling and client care. Some examples of therapy might include the following:


EMDR and OEI Therapy - This is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Observational Experiential Integration Therapy. These therapies are used in trauma therapy and can be very powerful in aiding a person in getting past life events that have become stuck in the mind and cause re-occurrent emotional distress from past traumatic life events. This therapy may help clients become free from re-experiencing traumas or emotion patterns that seem stuck and unmovable. EMDR is now being offered to clients remotely/virtually.

Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy is a great tool especially when combined with other therapies such as CBT, EMDR, Parts Therapy, Meaning Centered Therapy etc. Using hypnotherapy can help clients better access their creative unconscious mind. This tends to accelerate healing by helping the mind and body slip into a slower, lower brain wave state; it is a much gentler and more effective way in treating trauma, OCD, anxiety, panic, self esteem, motivational issues, or any type of compulsive behaviour. Hypnotherapy is now being offered to clients remotely/virtually .

Addictions - Maureen specializes in treating addictions of all kinds (including alcohol, substances, gambling, sex and relationship addiction, work addiction, technology and other process addictions). Maureen views addiction to be the symptom of something much deeper and has exceptional skill in getting to the root issues in order to treat and implement practical coping skills and tools for her clients. Sometimes family therapy, intervention, reconciliation, and/or mediation are necessary and Maureen works hard to compassionately navigate family issues and bring loved ones together with a common goal.

Childhood Trauma - Many times, childhood trauma can be an underlying factor in mental health or addictions. This therapy may include the relationship with mother and/or father. Maureen works with clients to resolve these issues within themselves and heal childhood wounds. She works with clients in cultivating self-compassion and creating a sense of stability and safety in their lives. Some forms of childhood trauma may include:

  • Abandonment (from divorce, family break-up, adoption, foster care, death, etc.)
  • Neglect
  • Emotional and mental abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Mental Health and Grief and Loss - Many times other mental health conditions coincide with addictions and/or substance abuse. Working with people who experience comorbid conditions including:

  • Anxiety and panic disorder
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Grief and loss (including death of a loved one, loss of relationship, loss of career, etc.)

Self-Identity Many times, addiction is a coping mechanism for living a life without meaning and purpose. Personal identity crises are common in people who struggle with addiction. Maureen works with clients to help them discover who they really are and how they fit into the world. This includes finding identifying your core values and where your true passion lies. Examples of self-identity issues includes:

  • Exploring self-identity (who am I?)
  • Finding self after relationship break-up or death of spouse
  • Discovering true vocation or path in life
  • Transitioning through stages of life

Service Fees

Canadian Clients (subject to 5% GST)

Individual sessions (60 minutes)

Rate $150 CAD

Trauma Therapy - EMDR and/or OEI (60 to 90 minutes)

EMDR is now being offered to clients remotely/virtually.

Rate $200 CAD

International Clients Pay in USD

Hypnotherapy - (60 minutes)

Hypnotherapy is now being offered to clients remotely/virtually .

Rate $200 CAD

International Clients Pay in USD

Couples/Family Counselling - (60 minutes)

Rate $200 CAD

International Clients Pay in USD

Child and Youth Counselling (60 minutes)

Rate $150 CAD

International Clients Pay in USD

Child and Youth Coaching/Mentoring (45 minutes)

Rate $80 CAD

International Clients Pay in USD

As a Certified Clinical Counsellor, Maureen accepts Third Party Insurance and EAP (Homewood Health). She is also registered with and accepts clients with Blue Cross and Medavie, First Nations Health Authority and the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP) in British Columbia, Canada

~E-transfer, Cash, Cheque and Major Credit Cards Accepted~