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Dr. Tatiana Tsarouk PhD, Hypnotherapist

Dr. Tsarouk PhD, is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Specialist and Research Scientist with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and a Member in Good Standing with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Dr. Tsarouk specializes in addiction, mental health, and regulating mood including PTSD, anxiety, panic and other stress conditions. She is an EMDR practitioner and has over three decades of expertise in treating trauma.

Dr. Tsarouk expresses interest and readiness in participation in any project directed on treatment of addictions as a researcher, collaborator, or as an addiction therapist using knowledge about addiction treatment and research. Before coming to Canada Dr. Tsarouk was involved in post-doctoral research with NIDA and in fellowship at the University of Washington, USA as a Co-Investigator of International research project on the development and implementation of a drug use prevention program. She received Distinguished International Scientist Collaboration Award for this research.

Dr. Tsarouk has also conducted research studies on Sunshine Coast Health Centre treatment outcomes which realized that there is a great need in development, evaluation, and implementation evidence-based interventions and services in addictions.

Dr. Tsarouk’s Published Peer Reviewed Academic Articles:

  • (PDF) Culturally specific adaptation of a prevention intervention: An international collaborative research project | Brooke Randell and Elaine Walsh -
  • Treatment of co-occurring operational stress injury and substance abuse | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (

Steven Edwards

My educational background is in Child & Youth Care and Counselling and I have been working in the field for over 5 years now. I work in real-time with youth and embody an empathic understanding of how any given circumstance can shape or alter one’s behaviour, outlook and/or reaction. I specialize in working with youth who deal with behavioural challenges, regulating temperaments, anxiety disorders and depression. I work with both children and youth from a trauma-informed and strength-based approach with the goal of being a positive mentor who can provide guidance and direction while being warm and receptive. I am here to listen without judgement, empathize and offer tangible solutions. My experience is broad and well rounded having worked with youth in a variety of settings including schools, shelters, residential treatment homes and community outreach. I am passionate about working alongside and building meaningful relationships with every youth I serve. I believe everybody has the power to change negative thinking patterns and develop positive health outcomes. My aim is simply to guide you in that direction and provide the tools needed to succeed.

A little about me! I love playing basketball, board games, video games, listening to music and watching television/anime. I love animals and have two amazing cats. If there is anything else you care to know, feel free to ask--let's have a conversation!

Nikita Mokeev

Nikita completed a Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Services in Moscow, Russia. He also has Social Service Worker Certification from Thompson River University, British Columbia. He has worked with Special Needs and Autistic children as a Behavioral Interventionist providing support and designing individual learning methods which are appropriate for each child. Nikita has also done a lot of volunteer work with children and youth in both Russia and Canada. He loves to travel, learning, and interacting with people from different cultures.

Nikita was a Program Development Assistant in an International project funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. This project focused on drug use prevention among youth and Nikita assisted with program development, information collection, and filming of youth and group sessions.

Chris Weekes

For over 30 years, Chris has developed and facilitated group workshops for emotional, psychological and spiritual health. His experience includes working with people throughout the lifespan including those with disabilities, mental health and addictions, trauma, at risk population, unemployed and homeless. Chris immigrated to Canada from Barbados at the age of 14 years and is the father of 3 children. He started working in Human Services at the age of 30. He has education and experience in Case Planning and Management, Behaviour and Emotional Regulation Skills, Substance Use and Addictions Counselling, Trauma Informed Practice, Ethics, and Sound Practice. He says he finds humans fascinating!

Chris is a musician and uses Ancient Shamanic Drum and Rhythm Healing practices. He is currently facilitating Therapeutic Drum Circles for those in Addiction and Recovery programs as well as Community Drum Circles for all ages.

“Having worked through my own addiction many years ago, I get so much joy reflecting on the beautiful complexities of addiction and witnessing the transformation process in others. When someone learns a little more about their inner and outer world - I learn something more too!”