W1 Ultimate Watch 5G

The W1 Ultimate Watch is a different kind of smart. It’s an intelligent way to protect yourself against EMF’s and 5G when you’re out and about while also keeping time. For those who require the best 5G EMF portable protection, the W1 is your wearable solution for 5G protection. With no Bluetooth, WiFi, or any RF, the W1 Ultimate Watch transmits the latest generation of dual band scalar, multiple waveform output directly into the body via 630 NM red diodes. The proprietary and unique light signaling technology that Blushield is known for truly shines in this modern digital watch. Although a secondary benefit to the scalar signals, the 630 nanometer red light is very therapeutic and bioactive. The W1 is NOT WATERPROOF, but can withstand minor splashes. The face of the watch is an alloy case bonded with gorilla glass and scratch resistant, and the watch strap is durable TPU. The W1 will come with a USB-C magnetic charger, watch strap, and watch. The watch face shows the time and date, and is available in three languages (English, Japanese, German).