NEW! MINI Starter Kit

Begin your Grounding journey with the Mini Starter Kit, a great solution if you’re not sure where to start! This kit includes two universal mats. They can be used during the day under your feet or forearms while sitting at a desk, reading, or watching television. Want to ground yourself at night too? Take a universal mat to bed with you! It truly is universal. Patches are included in this kit to help target specific points of inflammation in your body, directing grounding where it’s needed the most. And finally the Continuity Tester provides a simple way to test your products to ensure they are conductive and working properly. This Mini Starter Kit includes: 2 x Universal Mats 2 x Patches (Packs of 30) 1 x Continuity Tester 3 x Black Coil Cords 2 x Safe-T Cube Adapters 1 x Outlet Checker Safety Warning Always use as directed.