Double Universal Mat Kit

The New shorter designed Ground Therapy Universal Mat offers broad functionality for anywhere in the office or house. Use it in your favourite chair, while washing dishes or cooking in the kitchen, or use it in your bed at night. The 12.5 x 29 inch size makes it very user friendly in any situation. This Kit includes: 2 x Universal Mat. 12.5″x 29″ 2 x 15ft Connection Cord 1 x Outlet Checker 2 x Safe-T Cube Adapter: A safe, non-electric adapter to plug multiple products into one ground port at a time. An excellent option for old outlets providing a more secure grounding connection to the earth. Easy to Follow User’s Guide What is the Universal Mat made of? The thin black top conductive layer is the layer that your body makes contact with. It is made of PU (Polyurethane) resin. Leather look-alike items made with polyurethane (PU) are very consumer friendly and safe unlike older PVC leathers. Our PU Leather is vinyl free, and platelet free. The thin black layer of PU leather is infused with conductive carbon pigment for the conductive top layer. Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element in the human body after oxygen. The carbon is what conducts the earths energy. It also makes the leather flame resistant naturally without the use of harsh flame resistant chemicals. The PU Leather would not be conductive without the addition of carbon. The bottom or non- conductive layer is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) closed cell foam. This is among the safest foam used. It is latex and PVC free. How To Set Up your Universal Mat Step 1: Check Your Outlets For Ground In order to use your Ground Therapy Mat you must connect it to the “ground port” of a grounded 3 prong outlet. Before plugging it in, you must check that the outlet is grounded by plugging in the outlet checker. Two amber lights illuminated is GOOD and means that you have a proper ground and you are ready to connect your Mat. If you have any other light combination it means your outlet is NOT properly grounded. If that is the case, you can use the Grounding Rod in the optional step 3. Step 2: Plug in your Safe T Cube Adaptor Plug your Safe T Cube Adapter into your properly grounded outlet. Step 3: (OPTIONAL) Using The Ground Rod When Outlets Aren’t Grounded (Sold Separately) The Grounding Rod is also useful when camping, or traveling to a location without grounded electrical outlets! 1. First Push the Grounding Rod directly into the earth (20 cm to 25 cm) close to the foundation of the building. 2. Run the cord from the Grounding Rod, under or around a window or door, near where you will be using your Mat. 3. Make sure to cover the cord to prevent tripping. 4. Bring the cord into your home (via window or door), and plug the prong end of your Connection Cord into the receptacle end of the Grounding Rod cord. If you live in a dry area, soak the earth around the Ground Rod from time to time for maximum conductivity. Step 4: Setting Up The Universal Mat 1. Decide where you want to use the mat. Your options include most anyplace where you work, sit, relax, rest, or sleep. Hence, the name “universal mat.” Just remember that wherever you set it up, it’s best to have some bare skin contact. (you can use it with a thin layer of clothing on as well) 2. Attach snap end of the Cord, to the nub on the mat. 3. Insert prong end of the Connection Cord either directly into your grounded outlet, or the Safe T Cube (that is plugged into a grounded outlet), or into the ground rod cord if you use a ground rod connection. 4. Bare skin contact is best with the Mat but one thin layer of clothing between you and the mat is acceptable. The mat is conductive on the snap side only. Step 5: How To Test For Conductivity With The Continuity Tester (Sold Separately) The purpose of the Continuity Tester is to verify that your grounding product is conductive. Please see Testing Instructions Here. How To Wash and Care For Your Ground Therapy Mat To clean the mat, simply wipe down the mat using a non corrosive cleaner. Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing bleach or fabric softener, chemicals that can ruin the conductivity of the mat. Do not apply lotions, creams, or oils to the skin before bedtime on parts of your body that will be in contact with the mat. Such substances oxidize and can damage conductivity. Air dry the mat. Safety Warning Always use as directed.