Auto Seat Mat Kit

This Auto Seat Mat Kit Includes: 2 Auto Seat Mats 2 Auto Coil Cords Dimensions: Top: 11″ x 12″ Bottom: 12″ x 12″ How It Works Snap the Auto Coil Cord onto the connection tab of your Auto Seat Mat. Place the Auto Seat Mat on top of your vehicle’s seat. Place the black side facing up, and the blue side facing down. Take the other end of the Auto Coil Cord and clip it underneath your vehicle’s seat onto the metal frame of your vehicle. For best results, we recommend that you have direct skin contact when possible (such as when wearing shorts or a skirt) or keep clothing layers to a minimum as much as possible. If you are wearing a long sweater or sweatshirt, try moving it to the side so you are not sitting on it.