Palo Santo with Amethyst

3 Palo Santo Smudging Sticks with an * Amethyst Crystal Chunk and a tranquility candle. It will be a tealight * usually we pair this with a clear quartz, but for a while we will be pairing it with a rough cut amethyst chunk Put together with care, love, and good intentions. To smudge body and space. Light the end of your Palo Santo stick and after it has ignited, extinguish the flame and direct the smoke around your body and space. You should have hold a container to catch ashes and to serve as a resting place for the smoldering stick. a feather can be used to direct smoke around yourself, another person, on in your place of ceremony to purify the energy that is present. Completely extinguish your stick when not in use. Re-ignite as needed.