Arnica Salve 2 oz.

Our Arnica Salve is made from wild-harvested Arnica cordifolia. Excellent for all bruises, muscle pain, strains and sprains or other athletic injuries. Made with Organic Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Beeswax. Approximately 2 ounces in labeled screwcover tin can. You will receive one tin pictured above. For topical application only. Not to be used on broken skin or near mucus membranes. Do not ingest! Not for pregnant or nursing mothers or children. Disclaimer: All of the herbal products that we offer for sale, as well as our faithfully produced spagyrical tinctures, incenses, tisanes, salves and other herbal implements are sold as curios and ritual implements only. We make no promise of efficacy for the individual without proper application in study and understanding through direct personal experience as well cultivating a manifold desire. Always consult a licensed medical practitioner or Naturopathic Herbologist before working with any plants or herbal implements.